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Pipe & Pipeline Accessories


 Industrial Ball Valve
  • Unibody flanged - End (Reduced Port)
  • Unibody, firesafe, flanged - End
  • Unibody, firesafe (Double reduced base)
  • 2 Piece, flanged, fire - safe (Full port)
  • Split sphere valves
  • 150 ASA flange 3-pieces" sphere valve
  • 300 ASA flange 3-pieces" sphere valve
  • 2 piece threaded (Single reduced bore / Monobloc sphere valve)
  • 3-piece, enclosed - bolt, fire safe (single reduced bore)
  • 3-piece, full port (Sphere valve)
  • High-pressure, seal-welded, fire safe.
  • Diverter valve
Butterfly valve
  • ASA 125-Pound Lever type
  • ASA 125-Pound worm gear type butterfly valve
Cast Steel / Iron Valve
  • Cast Steel / Iron gate valve
  • Cast Steel / Iron globe valve
  • Cast Steel / Iron check valve
  • Cast Iron foot valve
  • BS 5163 cast iron sluice valve
  • ASA 125-Pound cast iron wafer check valves
  • ASA 125-Pound cast iron non-return valves
  • ASA 125-Pound cast iron silent check valve 
Cast Iron Strainers
Commercial Ball Valve
  • 2-piece bronze valve
  • 3-piece bronze valve
  • 2-piece brass valve
  • Bronze butterfly valve
Bronze Gate Valves
  • Non rising stem
  • Rising stem
Bronze Globe & Angle Valve
  • Globe threaded bonnet (Threaded ends)
  • Globe union bonnet (Threaded ends)
  • Globe threaded bonnet (Solder ends)
  • Globe union bonnet (Solder ends)
  • Angle threaded bonnet (Threaded ends)
  • Angle union bonnet (Threaded ends)
Bronze Check & Specialty Valves
  • Horizontal swing check (Threaded ends)
  • Horizontal swing check (Solder ends)
  • Spring loaded lift check (Threaded / Solder ends)
  • Horizontal swing check - Y pattern (Threaded ends)
  • Quick-opening gate valve (Threaded ends)


Fire Protection Valves
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Electric actuation






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